Token: A Solo Exhibition by Emily Sue Laird
December 7th-28th, 2013 at 40AU
in the Historic Downtown Arcade Building
Nashville, TN, USA

Please join me on the evening of Saturday, December 7th, to celebrate the opening of Token, my new collection of fine art objects for the home.

Inspired by the play between natural forms and geometry, the work within Token meanders through created and reclaimed materials in a gentle installation environment. By balancing humanmade materials – such as lace, felt, cotton, canvas, and velvet – with the fragile, transitory organic matter of mushrooms, paper, ink, wood, and moss, I invite participants to explore domestic elements through play and discovery. Felt leaves become placemats; mushrooms become shelves; fabric becomes forest; home becomes adventure.

“The use of such a delicate medium highlights the fragility of life and the ultimately ephemeral nature of our own existence. The work stands as a haunting and beautiful reminder that since all life is inherently fragile, so too must all life be inherently precious.”

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